Here is where you can find all of the past PopTrivias in one nice, little, convenient place. 😛



*PopTrivia #1: You can find Professor Pendulum, the creator of the time machines on Time Tangled Island, on vacation in the Shark Museum of Shark Tooth Island.

*PopTrivia #3: Many store items, such as Renegade Robot and Robin Hood, have both regular and limited-edition versions!

*PopTrivia #6: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island was released after Super Villain Island though on several island lists, Chocolate Factory is placed before Super Villain and occasionally even Lunar Colony.


*PopTrivia #2: Poptropica has given out a special limited-edition prize for their birthday each year, but they didn’t start this trend until their 3rd birthday, with the 3rd birthday hat.

*PopTrivia #4: To promote Time Tangled (aka Time Twisted) Island,  a Greek soldier appeared on top of the Shark Tooth Island Tourism Center, saying “How did I get here? I should be on Time Twisted Island?”


*PopTrivia #5: The first ever advertisement on Poptropica was one for Kellogg’s Yogos, where you could enter a building (found where the Arcade is on Early Poptropica), play a challenge, and get a Yogo’s spacesuit as a reward!