Poptropolis Games: the FanFic-ization: Part IV (the conclusion)!

Hey fellow Poptropicans! As usual, sorry for being so inactive lately; I’ve had exams and band so I couldn’t post this until today, but here it is! Also, since I haven’t covered  much Poptropica news lately, be sure to check out my friends at the PHB, or Poptropica Help Blog, as they have all the news covered over there. 🙂

Anyway, here’s Part 4!

(I changed up the end of the normal Poptropolis Games story btw to add a little twist. 😛 Also, nothing against any of the tribes. I just made some of them mean to make the story more interesting. :P)


Part 4: And The Winner Is…

Volleyball time. I expected to be up against another Poptropican, but when I got there I noticed a creature much larger than a Poptropican: a giant, orange octopus was waiting for me, the ball held by a judge above us. The judge dropped the ball and the octopus whipped a tentacle at the ball. It flew to my side of the net and… “Don’t mess up, Bony!” One point octopus, thanks to the Pathfinders boy shouting at me from the crowd.

We rallied back and forth, back and forth, with the teams that were hoping to see me lose in my ears the whole time. The score was four-to-four. Channeling my anger, instead of letting the frustration overwhelm me, I slammed the past past the octopus, bouncing between his tentacles before PLOPing in the water. The octopus then hit the next shot into the net, meaning that I had claimed my victory. “Yes!” I shouted out loud, jumping up into the air and pumping my fist. I could almost feel the glares burning through me.

“My friends, the tribal champions have all competed with honor. Here are the final results.”

I waited in anticipation for the woman in golden armor to show us the final standings. I glanced at the top and gleamed with pride as I read my tribe name in first place!

“In the Poptropolis Games there can only be one winner.” said Toga Man. “I present to you the grand champion of all Poptropica…”

“The Flying Squid!”

He hopped down from his podium and stood in front of me. “Flying Squid, I bestow upon you the gold medallion.” He placed the medallion around my neck and I did another jump-up-and-fist-in-the-air-combo. All of my competitors, other than the Wildfire girl and the Pathfinders boy, gave me a smile that said, “I would have rather won, but congratulations!”

“Hey, at least you got second,” I told the Wildfire girl. She looked up at me and actually smiled, her face no longer as fiery as her jersey. She then proceeded to pull a note out of her pocket and handed it to me. I started to look at when I felt the ground begin to shake.

“Is that an earthquake?” I asked.

“Is it the island sinking back into the sea?” the Wildfire girl asked.

The Seraphim girl, in third place, asked, “Is it something I ate?”

“Who dares to call themselves the champion of all Poptropica?” a deep, booming voice asked.

“Uh..me?” I nervously responded.

An ancient-looking warrior, covered in seaweed, starfish, and barnacles, as well as soaking wet, stepped up to the podium as I hopped down.

“I challenge you to the most ancient of all contests,” he shouted. “Wrestling!”

“I accept!” I answered.

“Prepare for battle! There can only be one champion!”

Oh boy.

As I practiced, I noticed that each wrestling move seemed to have a move that perfectly balanced the other. Like, if the warrior charged forward, then I could just jump to avoid the impact!

First, he threw a punch, and I ducked out if the way just in time. Next, he tried to push me off the platform, but I managed to move into just the right position to push him off instead. He threw a second punch and missed again, then tried to charge at me and I leaped over him, causing him to tumble off the edge.

“Such strength.” he said, exhausted. “You truly are the champion of Poptropica.”

He faded away and in his spot was his armor. Souvenir, I thought, and placed it in my satchel. Finding the Wildfire girl’s note in there, I pulled it out and unfolded it. It read: “I’m sorry for anything I’ve done to try and prevent your success. I am a member of a secret society of elite Poptropicans who are often seeking new members. I did what I did to push you to your limits to test you and see if you were qualified to join us. You definitely are, so come find me if you decide to join us.” A secret society?! I thought. Awesome! I glanced around to find the Wildfire girl, to tell her I was interested in joining, but she was nowhere to be found.

To be continued…

Check back in the next month or two (hopefully) for the first Chapter in my new series (still to be named) revolving around the secret society (in no relation to the Secret Society in the Poptropica book series btw)! Until then, you know what to do–go and eat some PopTarts!! 😀 😀

Poptropolis Games: the FanFic-ization: Part IV (the conclusion)!

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