Poptropolis Games: the Fan-Ficization: Part III

Here you go guys! Part 3! 😀 😀

Part 3: She’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Win

At this point the tribes had somewhat grouped together: Flying Squid, Nightcrawlers, Seraphim, and Yellow Jackets against Wildfire, Nanobots, Pathfinders, and Black Flags. I placed first in the long jump, pole vault, power lifting, and shot put, sharing the podium with the Wildfire girl every time. I was nervous about what the Nightcrawler boy mentioned to me earlier, about her doing whatever she could to win, and so far she hadn’t done anything to prevent my success, so I knew she might make an attempt to make me fail soon enough.

Volcano skiing, the most intense event, was next. I mean, one slip and into the lava I go. If Ms. Wildfire was going to mess me up at any time, this was the event to do it on. She preceded me on skiing and I noticed her eying a cluster of boulders at the peak of the volcano. As she hopped onto her board, or well, rock slab, she gave the boulders a slight tap of her foot, making them roll and land in just the right spot to tumble behind me as soon as I began my turn. Sneaky girl, I thought, as none of the others noticed her, and it was just about my turn, so it was too late to speak up. As I stepped up onto the starting platform, I watched her glide through the finish line. The lava began to flow, taking the rocks with it this time.

I shot down the mountain with boulders tumbling around me. This is hard enough already! I thought, rocketing past an ancient statue, narrowly missing it. I glided up ramps, flew through gates, and dodged obstacles, shaking nervously all the way down the blazing mountainside. Shooting through the finish line, I was afraid the extra obstacles caused me to get a slower time. I anxiously waited for the judges to give me my time, and…FIRST! I got first place at 16.4 seconds, and Wildfire didn’t even make the top three this round! As I stood on the podium for the ninth time, I got my usual glares, and hopped down to proceed to my next event. Only two events to go. Only triple jump and volleyball and I will have claimed victory. It won’t be that hard, right?

My first two attempts on the triple jump were good. Both were over a hundred meters, so I knew I would do well. I prepared for my final jump, tensed, leaped,…and missed. Aaaaaahhh! I plummeted to the bottom of the abyss between platforms, sure that it was over. One of the judges, in a hot air balloon watching us from above, floated down towards me, but not quick enough. I slammed into the ground, splattering-

Just kidding. 😛

I grabbed onto a hole in the wall and hung there, desperately holding myself up until the balloon made it down to me, and I swung myself into the basket. “You alright there?” the judge asked me. “You scared us there for a moment.” I nodded and wondered how safe this place actually was as we floated back to the coliseum. I somewhat slipped as I walked off and just noticed that my foot was surprisingly greasy. I saw the Wildfire girl and the Pathfinders boy sneering at me. They’re the reason I slipped and fell! I thought. That’s what I stepped in before the jumps! They greased up my spot before I went! Feeling a fire lighting inside me, I headed to the final event. This is where it ends.

I posted this kind of rushed, so sorry if there are any typo’s!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my story, and be sure to pop back in on December 15th for the conclusion! Until then, go and eat some PopTarts! (I’m having one this morning. 😛 )

Poptropolis Games: the Fan-Ficization: Part III