Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization: Part II

Hey guys! Sorry that this is a day late, but here ya go! 😀 😀

Part 2: Let The Games Begin!

“Ladies and gentlemen! It is my honor to welcome you to the centennial Poptropoils Games!”

“Will the representatives from each tribe please come forward.”

At the sound of the man in the toga, the announcer’s, words, seven Poptropicans, each one wearing a different two-colored uniform, stepped forward. Realizing that I was the only one not in a colored outfit, I quickly pulled the one I had found earlier out of my items’ satchel and slipped it on as I rushed over to join the others.

“Let the Poptropolis flame illuminate this contest and ignite our thirst for victory!” Toga Man said. A woman in golden armor with long, dark hair and a crossbow shot a fiery arrow into an enormous bowl, held by the hands of an ancient Poptropican statue. The logs resting in the bowl were set ablaze as soon as the arrow hit them. Toga Man shouted, “Let the games begin!” to the crowd. As they cheered, he said to us, the competitors: “Talk to me when you’re ready to compete.”

Most of the others ran over to Toga Man immediately, ready to compete, but a boy in a blue-and-white jersey, along with a girl in gold and black, stayed behind. “Hi,” I said. “What tribes are you guys representing?” “I’m representing the Seraphim,” the girl said. “I’m here for the Nightcrawlers,” said the boy. “I guess I’m Flying Squid,” I told them. “But I’m not really sure about what tribes are and all that.” The announcer was motioning for us to stop chatting and pick an event. “Good luck out there,” the Nightcrawler boy said. “You’re going to need it.” Then the two of them ran over to Toga Man, with me close behind.


There were eleven events to choose from. I just decided to go with the first event I saw, which was archery, though I knew my bow skills were not very good. When I got to the archery field, I practiced shooting a few times, and realized that I was better than I thought.

“I’m ready to start,” I told the archery attendant, and I picked up my bow. I pulled back the first arrow and…WHOOSH! Bull’s eye! I finished the round with 89 points, in third place behind the Nightcrawlers and the Pathfinders. Not too bad, I thought, but if I want to win I’ll have to step up my game.

“You don’t stand a chance,” the Pathfinders representative told me. The Nightcrawlers guy, who I talked with earlier, told me that his tribe was going to win this time, but in a little nicer tone than Mr. Pathfinder. I sure hope he wins if I don’t, I thought. And if I lose, it better not be behind the Pathfinders.

The next event I chose was diving. I did a practice routine, and got the hang of it pretty quickly, finishing with a perfect score of 45 points in first place. Behind me were a Wildfire girl and a Nanobots girl, and I could see the Pathfinders guy giving me a glare that almost knocked me off the podium. Man, I thought. When I got here he seemed shy and quiet. Guess I got that wrong.

Hurdles, my next event, was a little different. Instead of just having my scores compared with the others’, I was actually facing off against the Nightcrawler boy and the Wildfire girl. At the sound of a gunshot, we were off leaping over the first hurdle. We were neck-and-neck-and-neck until both of the others tripped on a few hurdles, putting me in first place. In first and second place, the Nightcrawler boy and I high-fived, with a glare this time from the Wildfire girl.

The next event was the javelin throw. I turned out to be surprisingly good at it, throwing my first Javelin 192 meters on my pratice attempt. My best throw in the actual event was 190 meters, once again putting me out on top. The results were the same as diving, with me sharing the platform with the Wildfire and Nanobots girls. Currently, the two closest tribes behind me were the Wildfire and the Nightcrawlers. “Watch out for the Wildfire girl,” the Nightcrawler boy told me. “I’ve heard she’ll do whatever it takes to win.”

Pop back in soon for Part 3, releasing in mid-November, but until then, be sure to go and eat some PopTarts! 😀 😀

Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization: Part II

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