Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization

Heyyo guys! I’ve been meaning to post my FanFic for a while, so…here it is, finally! 😀 Oh yeah, and it was featured on the PHB, or Poptropica Help Blog, as the first place FanFiction entry for the PHB’s Tribal Tournament!

Btw, I couldn’t think of a better name, so if anyone has any suggestions for the title, please let me know! 🙂


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Part 1: Welcome to the Poptropolis Games!

Rumble rumble rumble.

Early in the morning, on what seemed to be an average day in Poptropica, I was soaring over the islands in my golden-striped blimp, which I had used to travel all across Poptropica in search of adventure, excitement, and of course, medallions, when-

Rumble rumble rumble.

When suddenly, I heard-

Rumble rumble rumble.

When sudden-

Rumble rumble rumble.


Rumble rumble rumble.

When suddenly…ok. When sudd-

Rumble rumble rumble.

Oh come on!

When suddenly I heard, you guessed it, a series of RUMBLEs created by something under the water. I flew closer to investigate, when suddenly-FWOOSH! The object broke the surface of the ocean water, rising from the murky depths below. I was finally close enough to realize what it was: an island! A brand new island just rose up from the sea! Being a curious Poptropican, I flew my blimp closer and even decided to land on the new landmass, ready to venture into the unknown.

Upon landing, I found a green-and-black shirt along with some green shorts laying out on a pillar. I then glanced up and saw several ecstatic Poptropicans begin to run towards me. Unsure of what to do with the clothes, I stuffed them in my bag and stepped forward to be greeted. I assumed the Poptropicans either had really fast boats or could breathe underwater because I was not quite sure how they got on the island before me.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes!” a guy dressd in armor said. “The city of Poptropolis rose right up from the sea!” Another, decorated in blue, yellow, red, and grey, told me that his parents and grandparents never got to see the Poptropolis Games, but he does. Finally, a I saw a little, brown frog hopping around in front of another man dressed in older armor. He said, “Once and for all, we’ll find out which of the Poptropica tribes is the best!” Poptropolis Games? Tribes? What is all this? I thought.

All of a sudden, a man in a toga with a bright green wreath entwined in his hair rushed up to me and shouted, “Ah our representative from Flying Squid! You’re late!”

“Late? Late for what?” I asked him.

“For the games, of course!” he responded. “The Poptropolis Games occur but once every 100 years. We musn’t keep the fans waiting.”

“What are the Poptropolis Games?”

“You don’t know? All the tribes of Poptropica send a champion to compete in a series of sporting events. Win, and you’ll be a hero of your tribe for all time!”

“What happens if I lose?”

“Not much–just eternal shame and dishonor. So are you ready?”

Well, I don’t want eternal shame and dishonor. I thought. “I’m ready!” I exclaimed!

“Splendid! Head to the coliseum to begin.” he said. “I’ll meet you there.”

And with that, he ran off to where I assumed to be the coliseum.

Btw, no offense to any of the tribes mentioned later on. I just made those characters  act how they will act to make the story more interesting. 😛

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed my story so far, and be sure to check soon for Parts 2, 3, and 4!

Pop back in soon for more FanFiction, theories, and more, and be sure to eat some PopTarts! 😀

Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization

PopTrivia: Not Quite

Heyyo Poptropi-dudes! Just poppin’ in again to say that PopTrivia is temporarily on hiatus. I’m trying to find time for it, but, you know, as everyone else is, I’m just busy. 😛   So…sorry for anyone who was looking forward to the new round yesterday, and hopefully PopTrivia will return soon!

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PopTrivia: Not Quite