PopTrivia: Round V

What’s up Poptropicans? Bony Bones here with another round of PopTrivia!

Anyway, let’s get to it!

PopTrivia #5: HOT-FUDGE SUNDAE RANK (finally!): The first ever advertisement on Poptropica was one for Kellogg’s Yogos, where you could enter a building (found where the Arcade is on Early Poptropica), play a challenge, and get a Yogo’s spacesuit as a reward!

That’s all for now! Be sure to pop back in soon for more PopTrivia, and go eat some PopTarts! 😀 :pop_tart:

P.S. Check out the Poptropica Store for new items based on the new book Poptropica #2: The Lost Expedition by Mitch Krpata and Kory Merritt! :book: :another_fake_emogee:









PopTrivia: Round V

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