PopTrivia: Round I

Heyyo my fellow Poptropicans! I’ve decided to go ahead and start PopTrivia! I was doubting it a little, but then I thought “eh, what the heck,” and am going through with it anyway, for now at least, and I’ll be postin’ new rounds every Sunday! 😀

Anyway, here we go:

PopTrivia #1: Strawberry Rank (check here if you’re unsure about rankings): You can find Professor Pendulum, the creator of the time machines of Time Tangled Island, on vacation in the Shark Museum on Shark Tooth Island!

Well, that’s it, so pop back in soon for more PopTrivia, and go eat some PopTarts!

P.S. There’s an ad for the new movie Nine Lives on Poptropica, so if you want some cool cat-themed prizes, be sure to check it out! 😛

-Bony Bones

PopTrivia: Round I

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