News! :D

Hey guys! I actually have some Poptropica news to share!

With the Creators busy working on new islands and the “New Pop,” they haven’t had much time for updates, but they decided to give us something to enjoy in the meantime: a spin-to-win wheel has been added on Home Island! Just talk to the nice guy with the monocle, and he’ll let you spin the wheel to win prizes such as rare items and credits! You can spin the wheel once a day so be sure and make a daily visit to the wheel if you’re in need of some credits.

The rare items that you can win also appear in the Store as “bronze cards,” which are past store items, limited edition items, or items that you used to get when redeeming codes from Poptropica toys, including a Dr. Hare costume for 500 credits!

Well, that’s all for now! Keep popping in for more Poptropica news and updates, and go eat some PopTarts! 😀

EDIT: Just a few more things to add! First of all, the first round of PopTrivia will be this Friday! And second, the guys over at the PHB are having their second annual “Poppies” event, so be sure to check that out.

(Now please refer to the closing above.) 😛

-Bony Bones

News! :D

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