Ads, Ads, and PopTrivia

Heyyo, PopTart readers! Bony Bones here! I know that I said I’d be updating this blog more frequently now that it’s summertime, but Poptropica just hasn’t come out with many new things lately, as they are busy working on what’s to come for the rest of the year, including the “New Poptropica.” If you haven’t heard about what’s next to come, check out the Creators’ blog post here.

The only things really new have been some new ads, from the Powerpuff Girls/Teen Titans Go! to Finding Dory to the BFG, as well as a few new Daily Pop pictures.

But as far as this blog goes, I’ve decided to add a new weekly series called…


Here’s how it’ll go. Each week I’ll share a piece of Poptropica-related trivia, and I’ll give each piece a ranking, which will be one of the following:

-STRAWBERRY RANK: A common piece of trivia that you most likely have heard somewhere before.

-WILDBERRY RANK: A not-as-common piece of trivia that older/more frequent Poptropicans may know.

-HOT-FUDGE SUNDAE RANK: A rare piece of trivia that not many Poptropicans know.

I’m planning to do this once-a-week (maybe on Fridays?) so check back soon if you’re interested to see some PopTrivia! Oh, and I may rank something different than what you think it should be, so feel free to tell me your opinions or any trivia that you want to share in the comments section!

That’s all for now! Pop back in soon for more trivia, news, and more, and until then, go eat some PopTarts!

-Bony Bones

Ads, Ads, and PopTrivia


Well my fellow Poptropicans, it’s summertime! And that means that I’ll be updating this blog a lot more frequently now. I know that there currently aren’t many readers of the POPTart, but that’s fine with me since I’m still putting the blog together.

That’s all for now. I’ll pop back in soon with more updates, but until then, go and eat some PopTarts!

(Wow, that may have been my shortest post yet! 😛 )