A Very Fun Brain

Hello small number of POPTart readers!

To kick off today’s post, I’m gonna give a shoutout to FunBrain, a website that most Poptropicans have heard of, and many of them, including myself, discovered Poptropica from it! FunBrain recently updated their website, still including old classics but adding in some new games as well, so be sure to check it out. I added FunBrain to my websites page, as well.

Next up, I am going to propose a theory revolving around how all of the Poptropica islands are connected….

But, as usual, I’m short on time, so it’ll have to wait. 😛

See you guys around (well, I guess I won’t actually see you, so that expression’s not gonna work… I guess I’ll just stick with my normal one). 😀 Check back soon for more Poptropica updates (and a theory!) soon, and be sure to enjoy some PopTarts! 🙂

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add the title the first time, but it is here now! XD

A Very Fun Brain

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