Welcome to my new blog!

Hello Poptropica fans! This is Poptropican Bony Bones here! You may have heard of me before, or may know me as another name around the Internet, or may know me in real life and have no idea that you are talking to that guy you know.

Anyway, I have created this new blog known as the “POPTart,” on which I will post about, you guessed it,  potato salad  Poptropica. I will occasionally post news, theories, etc. relating to Poptropica.

Speaking of Poptropica blogs, check out the Poptropica Help Blog at http://www.poptropicahelp.net for more Poptropica greatness. They have inspired me to make my own blog, so I thought that I would give them a shoutout here. Also, of course, be sure to check out http://www.poptropica.com (though why would you be reading this blog if you aren’t already on Poptropica?…)

Well, uh, that’s all I guess. Hmm… I guess I need some sort of signature closing remark… How about always eat some PopTarts or be sure and pop no wait, I’ve got it!

Be sure to pop in soon for more Poptropica stuff, and go eat some PopTarts!

That’ll do for now. 🙂




Welcome to my new blog!

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