Poppin’ Out

Hello weary travelers, and welcome to to the POPTart by Bony Bones! I stopped updating this site a few years ago because life got too busy, but I wanted to say a formal farewell.

I began playing Poptropica back when it released in 2007, competing with my first-grade classmates to complete what is now known as Early Poptropica. I never knew how much I would come to enjoy this game, and I miss what it used to be. I still check on my old account a few times a year, but I miss many of the classic islands. I want to return to the treacherous waters of Skullduggery Island, the star-speckled solar system of Astro Knights, the strange but also really cool dreams of Poptropica’s greatest villains on Super Villain….

That being said, I do appreciate how the Creators are keeping the game alive. I love how they share fan art on the blog and add player-made costumes into the game: it shows that they truly care about their fan base. Also, though the process is slow, I do believe them that they are working to port all of the old islands into Haxe. I’m excited for the upcoming Steam bundle, and I can’t wait for the day that every island is back on the map.

Though I look forward to the future of Poptropica, I’m uncertain about the POPTart. Currently, I have no plans to update it, but I may return if I find myself with an abundance of free time and a renewed passion for the game.

As this site begins to gather dust, I want to say “thanks” to it for getting me started. Though I have had limited viewership and sparse content, it is something. Writing something, whether it’s a random blog post or a spontaneous poem or a senior thesis or dissertation, is super important. Writing allows us to pour out our thoughts and gives us a space to mold them into whatever we are trying to say. Here, I poured out my passion for my favorite childhood website, and I molded it into this site. Though it’s not much, it’s mine.

Thank you, POPTart, and Poptropica, and all of the Poptropica community. I won’t forget you as I begin (and hopefully maintain) a new project.

To my very few viewers, thank you, as well. It means a lot. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

And thanks to God for watching over me, and for being faithful even when I turn away. I’m glad that I can always count on You.

See ya, everyone! I hope you go enjoy some PopTarts. 🙂

Bony Bones

Poppin’ Out

Though I know not many people will read this, I am posting to explain my absence and future plans.

No, I have not decided to turn away from Poptropica, I haven’t posted in quite some time because of involvements elsewhere (AKA the real world). I still love Poptropica, and actually have a recent, renewed passion to rejoin the Poptropica Community.

I am uncertain at the moment of whether I’ll revamp this blog, but I am certain that I will seek to join other Poptropican blogs in order to follow my drive to rejoin and become more involved the Community.

Until I pop up again, whether it be here or elsewhere, farewell.

And until then, be sure to enjoy some PopTarts!


Poppin’ Back In

Heyyo Poptropi-dudes! Bony Bones here saying that I’ll finally be active again! And I mean it this time. I’m about to undergo a much-needed site renovation to spice it up a little. I’ll be honest here and say that I’m not gonna post every day or anything, as much as I would like to. But it’s past time for me to get this site up and running again.

As usual, I don’t have much to say for now, but until next time, go and enjoy some PopTarts!! 😀 😀

Poppin’ Back In

The Return (+ a tribute)

Hello Poptropicans! Yes I know I’ve been inactive in the Poptropica community for a few months, as I’ve been busy with school, friends, etc., yada yada, more excuses. Anyway, (hopefully) I will be and stay more active soon, and (if I don’t go inactive again) update the blog a lot more, including making the site look more POPTart-y.

That’s all for now, see you g

*We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news!*

Our Dank-osity meters have picked up a meme sighting nearby! The readings are off the charts! It’s the Meme King, himself! And he’s been meme-ified!


Here’s a special shout-out to Ultimate iPad Expert, Meme King. On the Poptropica Help Blog, UiPE has given us countless memes, though the meme train is running no longer. Thank you UiPE, for all the memes; ^here’s one for you. 🙂 🙂

That’s all for now, Poptropicans! Pop back in soon for more Poptropica news, theories, stories, and whatever else my schedule allows! In the meantime, be sure to go and eat some PopTarts! 😀 😀

The Return (+ a tribute)

Poptropolis Games: the FanFic-ization: Part IV (the conclusion)!

Hey fellow Poptropicans! As usual, sorry for being so inactive lately; I’ve had exams and band so I couldn’t post this until today, but here it is! Also, since I haven’t covered  much Poptropica news lately, be sure to check out my friends at the PHB, or Poptropica Help Blog, as they have all the news covered over there. 🙂

Anyway, here’s Part 4!

(I changed up the end of the normal Poptropolis Games story btw to add a little twist. 😛 Also, nothing against any of the tribes. I just made some of them mean to make the story more interesting. :P)


Part 4: And The Winner Is…

Volleyball time. I expected to be up against another Poptropican, but when I got there I noticed a creature much larger than a Poptropican: a giant, orange octopus was waiting for me, the ball held by a judge above us. The judge dropped the ball and the octopus whipped a tentacle at the ball. It flew to my side of the net and… “Don’t mess up, Bony!” One point octopus, thanks to the Pathfinders boy shouting at me from the crowd.

We rallied back and forth, back and forth, with the teams that were hoping to see me lose in my ears the whole time. The score was four-to-four. Channeling my anger, instead of letting the frustration overwhelm me, I slammed the past past the octopus, bouncing between his tentacles before PLOPing in the water. The octopus then hit the next shot into the net, meaning that I had claimed my victory. “Yes!” I shouted out loud, jumping up into the air and pumping my fist. I could almost feel the glares burning through me.

“My friends, the tribal champions have all competed with honor. Here are the final results.”

I waited in anticipation for the woman in golden armor to show us the final standings. I glanced at the top and gleamed with pride as I read my tribe name in first place!

“In the Poptropolis Games there can only be one winner.” said Toga Man. “I present to you the grand champion of all Poptropica…”

“The Flying Squid!”

He hopped down from his podium and stood in front of me. “Flying Squid, I bestow upon you the gold medallion.” He placed the medallion around my neck and I did another jump-up-and-fist-in-the-air-combo. All of my competitors, other than the Wildfire girl and the Pathfinders boy, gave me a smile that said, “I would have rather won, but congratulations!”

“Hey, at least you got second,” I told the Wildfire girl. She looked up at me and actually smiled, her face no longer as fiery as her jersey. She then proceeded to pull a note out of her pocket and handed it to me. I started to look at when I felt the ground begin to shake.

“Is that an earthquake?” I asked.

“Is it the island sinking back into the sea?” the Wildfire girl asked.

The Seraphim girl, in third place, asked, “Is it something I ate?”

“Who dares to call themselves the champion of all Poptropica?” a deep, booming voice asked.

“Uh..me?” I nervously responded.

An ancient-looking warrior, covered in seaweed, starfish, and barnacles, as well as soaking wet, stepped up to the podium as I hopped down.

“I challenge you to the most ancient of all contests,” he shouted. “Wrestling!”

“I accept!” I answered.

“Prepare for battle! There can only be one champion!”

Oh boy.

As I practiced, I noticed that each wrestling move seemed to have a move that perfectly balanced the other. Like, if the warrior charged forward, then I could just jump to avoid the impact!

First, he threw a punch, and I ducked out if the way just in time. Next, he tried to push me off the platform, but I managed to move into just the right position to push him off instead. He threw a second punch and missed again, then tried to charge at me and I leaped over him, causing him to tumble off the edge.

“Such strength.” he said, exhausted. “You truly are the champion of Poptropica.”

He faded away and in his spot was his armor. Souvenir, I thought, and placed it in my satchel. Finding the Wildfire girl’s note in there, I pulled it out and unfolded it. It read: “I’m sorry for anything I’ve done to try and prevent your success. I am a member of a secret society of elite Poptropicans who are often seeking new members. I did what I did to push you to your limits to test you and see if you were qualified to join us. You definitely are, so come find me if you decide to join us.” A secret society?! I thought. Awesome! I glanced around to find the Wildfire girl, to tell her I was interested in joining, but she was nowhere to be found.

To be continued…

Check back in the next month or two (hopefully) for the first Chapter in my new series (still to be named) revolving around the secret society (in no relation to the Secret Society in the Poptropica book series btw)! Until then, you know what to do–go and eat some PopTarts!! 😀 😀

Poptropolis Games: the FanFic-ization: Part IV (the conclusion)!

Poptropolis Games: the Fan-Ficization: Part III

Here you go guys! Part 3! 😀 😀

Part 3: She’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Win

At this point the tribes had somewhat grouped together: Flying Squid, Nightcrawlers, Seraphim, and Yellow Jackets against Wildfire, Nanobots, Pathfinders, and Black Flags. I placed first in the long jump, pole vault, power lifting, and shot put, sharing the podium with the Wildfire girl every time. I was nervous about what the Nightcrawler boy mentioned to me earlier, about her doing whatever she could to win, and so far she hadn’t done anything to prevent my success, so I knew she might make an attempt to make me fail soon enough.

Volcano skiing, the most intense event, was next. I mean, one slip and into the lava I go. If Ms. Wildfire was going to mess me up at any time, this was the event to do it on. She preceded me on skiing and I noticed her eying a cluster of boulders at the peak of the volcano. As she hopped onto her board, or well, rock slab, she gave the boulders a slight tap of her foot, making them roll and land in just the right spot to tumble behind me as soon as I began my turn. Sneaky girl, I thought, as none of the others noticed her, and it was just about my turn, so it was too late to speak up. As I stepped up onto the starting platform, I watched her glide through the finish line. The lava began to flow, taking the rocks with it this time.

I shot down the mountain with boulders tumbling around me. This is hard enough already! I thought, rocketing past an ancient statue, narrowly missing it. I glided up ramps, flew through gates, and dodged obstacles, shaking nervously all the way down the blazing mountainside. Shooting through the finish line, I was afraid the extra obstacles caused me to get a slower time. I anxiously waited for the judges to give me my time, and…FIRST! I got first place at 16.4 seconds, and Wildfire didn’t even make the top three this round! As I stood on the podium for the ninth time, I got my usual glares, and hopped down to proceed to my next event. Only two events to go. Only triple jump and volleyball and I will have claimed victory. It won’t be that hard, right?

My first two attempts on the triple jump were good. Both were over a hundred meters, so I knew I would do well. I prepared for my final jump, tensed, leaped,…and missed. Aaaaaahhh! I plummeted to the bottom of the abyss between platforms, sure that it was over. One of the judges, in a hot air balloon watching us from above, floated down towards me, but not quick enough. I slammed into the ground, splattering-

Just kidding. 😛

I grabbed onto a hole in the wall and hung there, desperately holding myself up until the balloon made it down to me, and I swung myself into the basket. “You alright there?” the judge asked me. “You scared us there for a moment.” I nodded and wondered how safe this place actually was as we floated back to the coliseum. I somewhat slipped as I walked off and just noticed that my foot was surprisingly greasy. I saw the Wildfire girl and the Pathfinders boy sneering at me. They’re the reason I slipped and fell! I thought. That’s what I stepped in before the jumps! They greased up my spot before I went! Feeling a fire lighting inside me, I headed to the final event. This is where it ends.

I posted this kind of rushed, so sorry if there are any typo’s!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my story, and be sure to pop back in on December 15th for the conclusion! Until then, go and eat some PopTarts! (I’m having one this morning. 😛 )

Poptropolis Games: the Fan-Ficization: Part III

Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization: Part II

Hey guys! Sorry that this is a day late, but here ya go! 😀 😀

Part 2: Let The Games Begin!

“Ladies and gentlemen! It is my honor to welcome you to the centennial Poptropoils Games!”

“Will the representatives from each tribe please come forward.”

At the sound of the man in the toga, the announcer’s, words, seven Poptropicans, each one wearing a different two-colored uniform, stepped forward. Realizing that I was the only one not in a colored outfit, I quickly pulled the one I had found earlier out of my items’ satchel and slipped it on as I rushed over to join the others.

“Let the Poptropolis flame illuminate this contest and ignite our thirst for victory!” Toga Man said. A woman in golden armor with long, dark hair and a crossbow shot a fiery arrow into an enormous bowl, held by the hands of an ancient Poptropican statue. The logs resting in the bowl were set ablaze as soon as the arrow hit them. Toga Man shouted, “Let the games begin!” to the crowd. As they cheered, he said to us, the competitors: “Talk to me when you’re ready to compete.”

Most of the others ran over to Toga Man immediately, ready to compete, but a boy in a blue-and-white jersey, along with a girl in gold and black, stayed behind. “Hi,” I said. “What tribes are you guys representing?” “I’m representing the Seraphim,” the girl said. “I’m here for the Nightcrawlers,” said the boy. “I guess I’m Flying Squid,” I told them. “But I’m not really sure about what tribes are and all that.” The announcer was motioning for us to stop chatting and pick an event. “Good luck out there,” the Nightcrawler boy said. “You’re going to need it.” Then the two of them ran over to Toga Man, with me close behind.


There were eleven events to choose from. I just decided to go with the first event I saw, which was archery, though I knew my bow skills were not very good. When I got to the archery field, I practiced shooting a few times, and realized that I was better than I thought.

“I’m ready to start,” I told the archery attendant, and I picked up my bow. I pulled back the first arrow and…WHOOSH! Bull’s eye! I finished the round with 89 points, in third place behind the Nightcrawlers and the Pathfinders. Not too bad, I thought, but if I want to win I’ll have to step up my game.

“You don’t stand a chance,” the Pathfinders representative told me. The Nightcrawlers guy, who I talked with earlier, told me that his tribe was going to win this time, but in a little nicer tone than Mr. Pathfinder. I sure hope he wins if I don’t, I thought. And if I lose, it better not be behind the Pathfinders.

The next event I chose was diving. I did a practice routine, and got the hang of it pretty quickly, finishing with a perfect score of 45 points in first place. Behind me were a Wildfire girl and a Nanobots girl, and I could see the Pathfinders guy giving me a glare that almost knocked me off the podium. Man, I thought. When I got here he seemed shy and quiet. Guess I got that wrong.

Hurdles, my next event, was a little different. Instead of just having my scores compared with the others’, I was actually facing off against the Nightcrawler boy and the Wildfire girl. At the sound of a gunshot, we were off leaping over the first hurdle. We were neck-and-neck-and-neck until both of the others tripped on a few hurdles, putting me in first place. In first and second place, the Nightcrawler boy and I high-fived, with a glare this time from the Wildfire girl.

The next event was the javelin throw. I turned out to be surprisingly good at it, throwing my first Javelin 192 meters on my pratice attempt. My best throw in the actual event was 190 meters, once again putting me out on top. The results were the same as diving, with me sharing the platform with the Wildfire and Nanobots girls. Currently, the two closest tribes behind me were the Wildfire and the Nightcrawlers. “Watch out for the Wildfire girl,” the Nightcrawler boy told me. “I’ve heard she’ll do whatever it takes to win.”

Pop back in soon for Part 3, releasing in mid-November, but until then, be sure to go and eat some PopTarts! 😀 😀

Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization: Part II

Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization

Heyyo guys! I’ve been meaning to post my FanFic for a while, so…here it is, finally! 😀 Oh yeah, and it was featured on the PHB, or Poptropica Help Blog, as the first place FanFiction entry for the PHB’s Tribal Tournament!

Btw, I couldn’t think of a better name, so if anyone has any suggestions for the title, please let me know! 🙂


Image Credit: www.poptropica.com/island-tour/poptropolis-games

Part 1: Welcome to the Poptropolis Games!

Rumble rumble rumble.

Early in the morning, on what seemed to be an average day in Poptropica, I was soaring over the islands in my golden-striped blimp, which I had used to travel all across Poptropica in search of adventure, excitement, and of course, medallions, when-

Rumble rumble rumble.

When suddenly, I heard-

Rumble rumble rumble.

When sudden-

Rumble rumble rumble.


Rumble rumble rumble.

When suddenly…ok. When sudd-

Rumble rumble rumble.

Oh come on!

When suddenly I heard, you guessed it, a series of RUMBLEs created by something under the water. I flew closer to investigate, when suddenly-FWOOSH! The object broke the surface of the ocean water, rising from the murky depths below. I was finally close enough to realize what it was: an island! A brand new island just rose up from the sea! Being a curious Poptropican, I flew my blimp closer and even decided to land on the new landmass, ready to venture into the unknown.

Upon landing, I found a green-and-black shirt along with some green shorts laying out on a pillar. I then glanced up and saw several ecstatic Poptropicans begin to run towards me. Unsure of what to do with the clothes, I stuffed them in my bag and stepped forward to be greeted. I assumed the Poptropicans either had really fast boats or could breathe underwater because I was not quite sure how they got on the island before me.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes!” a guy dressd in armor said. “The city of Poptropolis rose right up from the sea!” Another, decorated in blue, yellow, red, and grey, told me that his parents and grandparents never got to see the Poptropolis Games, but he does. Finally, a I saw a little, brown frog hopping around in front of another man dressed in older armor. He said, “Once and for all, we’ll find out which of the Poptropica tribes is the best!” Poptropolis Games? Tribes? What is all this? I thought.

All of a sudden, a man in a toga with a bright green wreath entwined in his hair rushed up to me and shouted, “Ah our representative from Flying Squid! You’re late!”

“Late? Late for what?” I asked him.

“For the games, of course!” he responded. “The Poptropolis Games occur but once every 100 years. We musn’t keep the fans waiting.”

“What are the Poptropolis Games?”

“You don’t know? All the tribes of Poptropica send a champion to compete in a series of sporting events. Win, and you’ll be a hero of your tribe for all time!”

“What happens if I lose?”

“Not much–just eternal shame and dishonor. So are you ready?”

Well, I don’t want eternal shame and dishonor. I thought. “I’m ready!” I exclaimed!

“Splendid! Head to the coliseum to begin.” he said. “I’ll meet you there.”

And with that, he ran off to where I assumed to be the coliseum.

Btw, no offense to any of the tribes mentioned later on. I just made those characters  act how they will act to make the story more interesting. 😛

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed my story so far, and be sure to check soon for Parts 2, 3, and 4!

Pop back in soon for more FanFiction, theories, and more, and be sure to eat some PopTarts! 😀

Poptropolis Games: The FanFic-ization

PopTrivia: Not Quite

Heyyo Poptropi-dudes! Just poppin’ in again to say that PopTrivia is temporarily on hiatus. I’m trying to find time for it, but, you know, as everyone else is, I’m just busy. 😛   So…sorry for anyone who was looking forward to the new round yesterday, and hopefully PopTrivia will return soon!

Anyway, be sure to pop back in soon for theories, FanFiction, and more, and in the mean time, go eat some PopTarts! 😀 😀

P.S. Have you checked out the Poptropica Creators’ Blog lately? They have provided Poptropicans with many new ways to claim a lot of credits, so for those whose Poptropi-wallets are getting empty, this is for you! $$$$

-Bony Bones 🙂


PopTrivia: Not Quite